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Get FIT,




Bounce Fit



How a fun new way to Be Fit came to be

As a fitness enthusiast, my life has revolved around staying in shape. Being in shape is vital to our health and fuels our energy to take on life's challenges. And on top of that, ya'll know diet is equally important.

As much as I love the benefits of exercise and how I feel afterward, I can say not everyone loves the thought of exercising. When I came across Rebounding, I knew workouts could be something EVERYONE could do, have an extra element of fun, and have the added benefit of being low impact and high energy.

Bounce Fit

Rebounding, aka Trampoline fitness,
what is it?

"Rebounding is the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth that science has found." – Dr. James White, PhD

Rebounding is exercising/training on mini-trampolines. It works every muscle in your body, down to the cellular level, with minimal and evenly spread impact on joints. It's an effective way to provide your body with a full-body detox via lymphatic drainage. You'll harness and utilize gravity to reap amazing holistic and wellness benefits.

A NASA study on Rebounding concluded that "Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man."



Finding the perfect fitness fuel

Rebounding solves the exercise part, but as I mentioned, diet is a huge factor. I've searched for years to find the perfect healthy Bowls and Smoothies to refuel my post-workout to no avail. Then I figured, why not create my own! With that, we went to work to develop the perfect selection of nutrient-rich Bowls and Smoothies that will replenish your body and soul, further reaping the benefits of your workout.

And with the combination of a new and innovative way to exercise and healthy and delicious Bowls and Smoothies, Bounce Fit & Bowls was born! Join us and Jump In to see how a fun, low-impact, high-energy workout followed by a delicious Bowl or Smoothie will impact your life!

D. Ogurkis